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SEE IT: Trump supporters attacked during Million MAGA March

WASHINGTON DC (77WABC) – Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters packed Freedom Plaza in DC Saturday for Million MAGA March. By sundown as Trump supporters made their way home, Antifa radicals set upon them beating them and destroying property.  However, most of these violent incidents were not seen on mainstream media outlets.

Several Trump supporters were injured after being physically assaulted.  Police arrested about 20 people and two police officers were also injured although the extent of their injuries is unknown at this time.

President Trump also weighed in on the violence via twitter:

It was a mostly peaceful event throughout the day with many marching with signs and banners.  Many of the participants were from around the country including New York.

President Trump also made a brief appearance in his motorcade.

As seen by the numerous videos on Twitter many of the attacks on Trump supporters were unprovoked.

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