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Hostage Standoff in Queens Ends Peacefully

QUEENS, NY (77WABC) – Two armed men surrendered to police early Wednesday morning after a five hour hostage standoff.

Police say the suspects burst into a Richmond Hill Queens home and held five people hostage during a home invasion robbery, one of them a baby.  The baby’s mother called 911 and the suspects let her and her baby leave.

“Police officers from the 106 Precinct responded, encountered a female victim with an infant child who reported that there were armed people in her home and she had been assaulted,” said Assistant Chief Ruben Beltran, commanding officer of NYPD Patrol Borough Queens South.

The suspects, identified by police as 35-year-old Tex Ortiz and 41-year-old Wilbert Wilson, were allegedly looking for a large amount of money they believed to be stashed inside the 125th Street home in Richmond Hill.

Two other women were released about two hours into the standoff.  The two suspects then remained in the house, and police talked to them for about three more hours. At one point, they even asked cops to send them a pizza.  Police swarmed the area and continue to investigate the incident.

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