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This Saturday Night’s Show Highlights The Bobby Darin Story!

“The Bobby Darin Story”

Hello everyone! This is Tony Orlando…

Join me this Saturday night for one of the most compelling stories of a performing super star in the name of BOBBY DARIN!… Born in the Bronx as Walden Robert Casotto. If the Yankees are the pride of the Bronx, then this entertainer, singer, musician, songwriter, dancer, impressionist, actor, comes in a close 2nd place to the Bronx Bombers. We for sure, demonstrate in this week’s show how wide the musical range Mr. Darin has been blessed with. In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, and nominated for an Academy Award for his dramatic acting performance in “Captain Newman, M.D.”… All done in a life of only thirty seven years, and he was told that he would not make it past his twenties…. so his goal was to exceed his dreams because his life’s clock was ticking. The Bobby Darin story is shared with his archivist and friend, JIMMY SCALIA, and his bass player & chess player friend  of his rhythm section, bass man BILLY MCCUBBIN. Along with all of Bobby’s hits, we cover his Rock and Roll years, Big Band swing in’ years, to his Country and R&B years. He was awesome.

“The Bobby Darin Story” airs Saturday night from 10pm to Midnight EST on 77 WABC… DON’T MISS IT! It is a special one, and will be streaming around the world on!

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