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This Saturday Night, the greatest hit songs from Hollywood films!

Hello everybody!

We really have a great show for you this Saturday night! Our theme is to play songs that came out of, or were part of great films.

And man, was it a surprise when we found so many Hollywood hit songs! So many we could have done a part one, a part two, and maybe even a part three! This radio musical documentary based on Hollywood’s greatest recordings is the theme this Saturday night. From “When You Wish Upon A Star” to “Mrs. Robinson,” to “Beauty School Dropout.” Yes, that motion picture classic from “GREASE” that FRANKIE AVALON sang in the film! And how about that other Frankie…FRANKIE VALLI…who recorded the title song of the movie “Grease,” and his record that went to number one around the world. My long time friend FRANKIE AVALON is my special guest on Saturday Night! Sharing some incredible stories about filming his scene in “GREASE,” and the recording of the classic “Beauty School Dropout,” not to mention he has made 48 motion pictures as an actor, and one of those films is part of our pop culture in America! He also starred in a film that is considered classic and iconic, “BEACH BLANKET BINGO!”  That’s just one of his beach party films…Frankie also gets a call from the late, great JOHN WAYNE to star with him in the epic film “ALAMO.” He also he gets called from the great SCORSESE to be in his film “CASINO,” where Frankie gets the chance to work with Academy Award-winning actor ROBERT DI NIRO. Avalon has made 48 motion pictures in his amazing career. It’s truly mind blowing how wide a music and acting career Frankie has had. And he is an amazing trumpet player, which he played on the JACKIE GLEASON Show at the tender age of 11 years old. FRANKIE AVALON has also charted over thirty times on the Billboard charts, and he had several number one records in the early 60’s songs like, “Venus” and “Why (Because I Love You).” Every motion picture song we play Saturday night were Gold and Platinum number one records. And to quote one of those records … it won’t be a “Hard Day’s Night” Saturday night, it will be a great days night, because yes, the BEATLES will be there singing that one for sure! So, join us for the greatest Hollywood Hits of all time, Saturday night right here at legendary Music Radio 77WABC!

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