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This Saturday Night’s Special Guest is John Gummoe!

Here’s an interesting mixture – the U.S.Navy, a box of dishwashing detergent and The Beach Boys. Stir gently and you get The Cascades. The group originally met while serving aboard a ship. They were called The Thundernotes – recruited John Gummoe who became the lead vocalist of the group and their manager.

The Thundernotes sound was Influenced by the harmonies of the Beach Boys. The band needed a new name – John noticed a box of dishwashing detergent- “Cascade” – their new name – The Cascades. They recorded a song that was written by John Gummoe while he was on guard duty during a thunderstorm. The song was released in 1962 and became an international hit jumping to number three on the U.S. charts and charted in 80 other countries.

“Rhythm of the Rain” sold more than a million copies and earned a gold disc. The musicians on the recording included members of the Wrecking Crew, Hal Blaine (drums), Carol Kaye (bass) and Glen Campbell (guitar). In 1999 BMI announced the Top 100 songs of the Century to receive airplay on radio and television in the U.S. – The Cascades “Rhythm of the Rain” won the number 9 spot.

The Cuz welcomes John Gummoe to WABC MusicRadio this Saturday

I will take requests and dedications live on-air! The call-in number is 800-848-9222. You can also call in for your chance to win Cousin Brucie merchandise such as a Cousin Brucie t-shirt and a Cousin Brucie hat as well as CDs and DVDs from my friends at

Tune in on Saturday from 6 pm-10 pm! Don’t turn the radio off after my show is over because the “Saturday Nights with Tony Orlando” show comes on right after from 10 pm-midnight. It is going to be an amazing night!

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