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This Sunday Night, Joe Piscopo Is Featuring Frank Sinatra with Duke Elllington!!


This week on #SundaysWithSinatra with your host, Joe Piscopo, we are featuring a requested album – FRANCIS A. & EDWARD K. !

Francis Albert Sinatra and Edward Kennedy Ellington!

That’s right – Francis Albert and Duke Ellington !

A classic album with a jazz-style, sexy swing LP, arranged by Billy May.

Also, we will catch up on your requests, not to mention the 1967 album,
“The World We Knew ! “

That is a lot of The Chairman of the Board!

And we have it all on RamseyMazda’s SundaysWithSinatra on 77MusicRadioWabc in the Big Apple!

Across America, look for #SundaysWithSinatra

With your host, Joe Piscopo.

Live from New York.

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