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This Saturday Night’s Special Guest Is Johnny Farina!!!


Hi Cousins!

“Sleep Walk” is considered to be an American classic and was the last instrumental to reach number one on the charts in the ‘50’s. It was recorded and released in 1959 by two brothers – Santo and Johnny Farina .

Their father encouraged his sons to learn to play the steel guitar and to write original music. Santo woke his brother “at two in the morning” with an idea for a song. It featured the unique sound of the steel guitar.

“Sleepwalk” became a major hit and part of music history – topping the pop charts and the R&B charts. The song continues to be one of the most requested instrumentals on the air.

Santo and Johnny were inducted into The Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in 2002. We welcome Johnny Farina to WABC MusicRadio this Saturday 2/17/24.

– Cousin Brucie

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