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This Week On ‘Sunday’s With Sinatra’ With Joe Piscopo, We Get Another Live Concert From Frank Sinatra!


This week on Sundays with Sinatra with Joe Piscopo, we get another outstanding Live concert from Frank Sinatra!

We go back to 1982 for one of Mr. Sinatra’s best live performances, The Concert for the Americas!

Last week, we had a koo-koo time celebrating the Sinatra at the Sands LP.

Well, 16 years after that, we find Francis Albert still in stellar form in the Dominican Republic.

This was the inaugural event of the music festival on August 20, 1982 in the Dominican Republic at the Altos de Chavón Amphitheater.

This was a brand new, 5,000-seat, open-air ‘Greek-style’ venue about two hours from Santo Domingo.

Mr. Sinatra utilized the great Buddy Rich Orchestra, conducted by Mr. Vincent Falcone, at this classic event.

Frank Sinatra and Buddy Rich were roommates with the Tommy Dorsey Band!

Mr. S. went on to become The Chairman of the Board.

Buddy Rich went on to become the greatest drummer of all time.

And Buddy performs the most explosive, epic and world-renowned drum solos. Ever.

Concert For The Americas : Frank Sinatra

With Joe Piscopo, on Ramsey Mazda’s Sundays with Sinatra, on 77MusicRadioWabc!

Syndicated nationwide.

Streaming worldwide on

Live from New York.

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