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This Week’s Special Guest Is Joey Dee (Peppermint Twist)!



What does Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne and JOEY DEE all have in common? Answer: The Peppermint Lounge.

It’s the early 60’s- and 45th Street in Manhattan is jammed with people waiting in line or just there to watch the action. The Peppermint Lounge is alive with celebrity, royalty and everyday Twisters. Joey Dee and the Starliters are packing them in and causing a sensation. The band’s mega-hit recording “Peppermint Twist” topped the charts in 1962 and sold more than a million copies.

The group starred in the movies “Hey, Let’s Twist” (1961) and “Two Tickets to Paris” (1962), with Joey often recruiting other musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Joe Pesci to perform with them. His best selling book “The Peppermint Twist Chronicles“ captures this historical period.

Joey Dee is dropping by to say Hello this Saturday 6/8/24.


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